Navigation and Emergencies


All participants are required to have the their course stored on a mobile device and/or on their cycling GPS computer. Grefillinn is a self-supported race so you are responsible for navigating the course on your own. At few turns the organizers will setup markings to indicate the next turn. This will only be done in cases where the turn is not that obvious.

Please make sure that you download the course from Komoot and also make sure to have a base map for Iceland on your device.

Instruction on how to get a Komoot course on to your device can be found here: Use Komoot on Your GPS Computer

First aid

We will have volunteers at each feed station who will provide assistance if needed.

In the most remote areas in Kaldidalur and on Grjótháls we will have Search and Rescue teams to assist in case of emergency.

Pls. keep these numbers stored on your mobile if you need to contact the race directors:

  • María Sæm -> +354 864 9640
  • Andri Már -> +354 859 3215
It is our hope that you will not need to rely on this info but in case of emergencies, pls. call 112.

Feed Stations and Cut-off Points

Feed Stations

Our feed stations will contain nutrition’s from our sponsors. We do encourage you to carry as much nutrition for the race as you can and at the minimum 500 calories as stated in the rules.

Our feed station will contain the following, at minimum:

  • Batterí energy drink
  • Water
  • Banana
  • Snickers
  • SportLunch

Water in Iceland is clean and healthy. You can pretty much fill up on your water bottles in all rivers and creeks, unless the water looks unclear.

Pls. note however that we can only offer nutritions while supplies last. So be sure to carry as much nutritions as you can.

200 km

Feed Station 1

Cut-off point 1

  • Location: Kaldidalur
  • Km: 64 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 11:20

Feed Station 2

Cut-off point 2

  • Location: Húsafell
  • Km: 103 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 14:00

Feed Station 3

Cut-off point 3

  • Location: Sigmundarstaðir
  • Km: 150 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 17:00

Feed Station 4

Cut-off point 4

  • Location: Varmaland
  • Km:  180 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 19:00


Cut-off point 5

  • Location: Logaland
  • Km: 199 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 20:00

Routes are subject to change.

100 km

Feed Station 1

Cut-off point 1

  • Location: Sigmundarstaðir
  • Km: 50 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 13:30

Feed Station 2

Cut-off point 2

  • Location: Varmaland
  • Km: 78 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 15:30


Cut-off point 5

  • Location: Logaland
  • Km: 98 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 20:00

Routes are subject to change.

45 km

  • There are no feed stations on the 45 km course.


Cut-off point

  • Location: Logaland
  • Km: 45 approx.
  • Cut-off time: @ 20:00

Routes are subject to change.

Race Rules and Required Supply List


The participant undertakes to comply in full with the rules that apply to the cycling competition, and are published e.g. on this website, as well as following all other instructions that employees and/or organizers may give in connection with the cycling competition.

Participants are required to read the rules before heading to the startline. 

Rules can be found here.

Following rules are specially highlighted:

  • Leave no trace. Be responsible for your belongings. It is prohibited to leave trash on the trail. Anyone seeing dropping litter on the route at any place will be disqualified. 
  • E-bikes are not permitted.
  • Participants must wear a properly approved helmet while on their bicycle.
  • Participants must obey all laws and “Rules of the Road”. 

Supply List

Participants are required to have these items during the race:

  • GPS device with the course preloaded.
  • Cell phone in dry pouch.
  • 1.5 liters of water minimum.
  • Spare tube/s, lube, mini-tool and pump.
  • 500 calories in high energy food
  • Race number and time chip securely fixed to the bike.

Weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable so we do recommend having rain jacket on you and wool socks are recommended.

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