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Welcome to Grefillinn website, owned by Hjólreiðadeild Breiðabliks, kt. 430215-1240, Dalsmára 5, 201 Kópavogur.  

Please read the terms carefully before you register to Grefillinn as they contain important information. By using the grefillinn.is, you accept these terms. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address [email protected] or [email protected].

As a participant (hereinafter “participant”) in Grefillinn, the gravel competition in Borgarfjörður (hereinafter “the competition”), I hereby confirm the following and consent: 

  • Participant has read and understands the event rules, privacy policy and refunds & deferral rules which are presented on this website, Grefillinn (grefillinn.is).
  • The participant is aware that the competition is not the responsibility of Hjólreiðadeild Breiðablik.
  • The organizer of the competition is the tournament committee Grefillinn.
  • The participant accepts all risks that the competition may involve, incl. possibilities of damage to property, bodily injury and death;
  • The participant is in good enough shape, both physically and mentally, to ride the distance of the race;
  • The participant will consult a physician or other healthcare professional, before deciding to participate, if there are pre-existing diseases or other conditions that may increase the risk that the participant or others may suffer bodily injury or other damage. A participant must not register for a competition against the advice of a doctor or other healthcare professional;
  • The organizer reserves the right to request a participant’s vaccination certificate for COVID-19, without which the organizer may expel him from the competition free of charge.
  • The participant will hold harmless representatives involved in the organization of the cycling competition due to all bodily injury and other damage that the participant may suffer in the cycling competition;
  • Participant will follow any rules or instructions given by staff and organizers in connection with the competition;
  • The participant is responsible for making sure before consuming food offered by the organizer of the competition, on all venues related to Grefillinn as well as at the drinking establishments during the race, that it does not contain immune agents that could be dangerous to him.
  • Volunteers and organizers of the cycling competition shall, to the extent permitted by law, not be liable for bodily injury or other damage that a participant may suffer as a result of their participation in the cycling competition;
  • Representatives/employees and other organizers of the cycling competition are, to the extent permitted by law, not liable for any damage to items or equipment owned by the participant;
  • If a participant suffers an accident, bodily injury and/or other damage in the cycling competition, it will be notified as soon as possible to the employees and organizers of the cycling competition;
  • Participation in the cycling competition is at your own risk and risk and the participant is responsible for ensuring that his / her equipment in the cycling competition is in accordance with safety rules;
  • It is the sole responsibility of the participant to make sure that he or she is adequately insured for any incidents he / she may encounter during the competition. In light of this, the participant is encouraged to make sure that he or she is adequately insured for such incidents. The participant must keep in mind that the competition is a sporting event in which he or she has registered at his / her own risk and risk.
  • The organizer of the competition is not responsible for costs incurred or incurred by the participant if the competition is cancelled due to force majeure or due to weather conditions that make the competition dangerous to competitors.
  • In the case that weather is determined to create unsafe conditions before or during the event, organizers reserve the right to alter or even cancel the event to ensure participant safety.
  • Organizer reserve the rights to cancel the event if it is foreseen that the participants registration fee as well as any money received by fundraising will not cover the cost of hosting the event. In case of cancelation, the organizer will send out further information to registered participants regarding refund and/or deferral according to Refund and Deferral policy.
  • These terms are governed by Icelandic law. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall endeavour to resolve such matters through negotiations without the involvement of the courts;
  • If a dispute arises regarding the interpretation and implementation of these terms or if a dispute arises between parties that cannot be resolved, that dispute shall be resolved before the Reykjavík District Court. 

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