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200 km course

  • Around 80% gravel with a mix of packed gravel roads, loose and tricky roads and paths and asphalt roads.
  • For the first half you can expect climbs and water crossings and on the latter water crossings with few steep climes on loose gravel.
  • Pls. review the course on Komoot.

100 km course

  • Around 70% gravel with a mix of packed gravel roads, loose and tricky roads and paths to asphalt.
  • The course is a bit flatter than the 200 km course..
  • Pls. review the course on Komoot.

All bikes, except e-bikes, are allowed. This is a gravel race so we do recommend gravel bikes but a good hardtail is also an option.

The course will be marked with arrow signs on most, if not all, turns. Please note however that we require all participants to bring a GPS device with the course track loaded on the device for navigation.

We provide fluids and snacks from our sponsors. Further detail will be released as we get closer to the race.

Yes, we will provide GPS tracks as well as track on Komoot. Pls. take a look at our race guide.

The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable, especially in the highlands where the sun can become rain in matter of minutes. We do recommend that you bring a broad variety off clothes and pick your gear the day before the race or even on the morning of the race. 

Average temperature in August is

Temp 10.5°C / 50.9F
Avarage high 14.4°C / 57.92F
Avarage low 8.4°C / 47.12F

Weather forecast can be found here.

It’s hard to say, it’s Iceland, and the weather is unpredictable. There could be strong winds, horizontal rain or sunny skies. There are water-crossings so your feet will get wet. The best remedy is wool sock – and perhaps extra wool socks. On a great day shorts and short sleeves are terrific but bringing a jacket is always wise as things can turn south in a matter of minutes.

In the 200 km, 100 km and the 45 km course there are water crossings. The stream isn’t that strong but the depth can vary, particularly if there are many rainy days before the race. The depth can be up to half of a 700c wheel. If you’re insecure crossing on the bike, we recommend walking over.

For the 200 km race you phone will have connection most of the course. You might encounter some areas on Kaldidalur (highest point of the course) where your signal might drop. 

On the 45 km and on the 100 km your phone signal should be just fine for most of the ride.

The rules can be found on the page Event Rules. Please note as well to read the Terms and Conditions page.