Explore Iceland’s second largest glacier Langjökull from the inside! Ascend the majestic white slopes in a hulking modified glacier vehicle and take in the drama of this rare landscape. Then descend into the ice for a glimpse of this wonder-world of ice.

Prepare for the journey of a lifetime on top of and into the age-old ice of Iceland’s
second largest glacier Langjökull through a spectacular man-made ice tunnel.

Get ready for an adventure that will lead you through the pristine beauty and raw nature of Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime as we journey up the white slopes and go deep inside the man-made ice tunnels leading to the blue heart of the glacier. We will ride in modified glacier vehicles specially made to explore the glacier environment and enjoy the view as we drive on top of the ice cap. Experienced guides will lead the way and make sure that everyone is both enjoying themselves and learning the basics of glacier science.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip exploring the rare sights both on top of Langjökull glacier and inside the man-made ice tunnels. Make sure to book your trip up the glacier in advance as this tour does sell out.