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Do you need a place to stay?

Borgarfjörður has many things to offer, including hotels, vacation homes and camping sites. You’ll definitely find a place that will suite your needs. We do recommend using search engines to find accommodation around Borgarfjörður.

Each contestant will receive a voucher for the camping site at Logaland where the award ceremony will take place after the race. Logaland is just few kilometers (miles) from Krauma. Please note however that the camping site has limited space so we cannot guaranty availability.

Below you can find places that Grefillinn recommends. We recommend checking for availability as soon as possible as the demand for hotel rooms is high during the summer.


The camp site at Varmaland is a big and spacious area and is well suitable for groups and families. There is a playground and excellent possibilities for hiking in the neighborhood.


Hverinn-Restaurant offers travel service offering accommodation, restaurant, camping and a small travelers store with a farmer’s market corner.

Hotel Á

Hótel Á, countryside property, in the Western Iceland town of Borgarfjördur, is next to the Hvítá Glacial River. We offer free Wi-Fi in the reception, as well as an on-site restaurant and bar. A private bathroom with a shower and bathrobes is featured in all Hótel Á rooms. Each has […]

Hotel Varmaland

Fantastic hotel in a breathtaking environment Hotel Varmaland opened in 2019 after an extensive renovation and renovation of the Varmaland Housing Academy, which was drawn by Guðjón Samúelsson and originally built in 1946. During the renovation, the history of the place was mixed with comfortable and modern design, so it […]

Fosshótel Reykolt

Fosshotel Reykholt is a romantic country hotel situated in the legendary location of Reykholt in Borgarfjörður. Once the home of historian and poet Snorri Sturluson, Reykholt is one of Iceland’s major historic sites. Bounteous in captivating scenery the area is full of lava fields, waterfalls, mountains, craters and caves. Offering […]

Húsafell Camping Sites

Stake out your own corner of paradise by pitching your tent or parking your camper in the shady birch forest of the Húsafell grounds — only a short walk from the swimming pool, golf course, playground, shop and restaurant.‍ Húsafell campsite is open from 1 June to 31 August.On Saturdays in the summer we light […]

Húsafell Holiday Homes

Enjoy Húsafell’s pristine wilderness in the comfort of these woodland getaways, each non-smokingand equipped with a full kitchen, living room with TV, free WiFi and a large deck with hot tub. Villas Cabins Cottages Houses Huts

Hotel Húsafell

Combining the comfort of a modern hotel with the unique wonders of Icelandic nature,Hotel Húsafell invites you to discover their hidden corner of Iceland’s otherworldly Highlands. Hotel Húsafell offers 48 rooms in four different categories. All rooms feature modern furnishings, heated floors, organic Icelandic toiletries and original work by local artist Páll Guðmundsson. […]

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